Here's just a small sampling of the numbers of people we have helped over the years.


Mitch, potsborro texas.

installed a iron defender in his well water home and he COULDN'T be happier!  



bill, POTTSBORO texas

Nasty Sulfur was destroying his fixtures and appliances, but was no match for our Sulfur Defender!! 


Big power water hq

Getting some products ready at our warehouse for an install! 


He had just bought his dream property and was pulling straight water from his well, the stains were unbearable and were beginning to damage his appliances and fixtures. Problem solved with our Big Power Water system!


Joann has been fighting her water problems for years with a mixtuer of heavy scale and a PH inbalance we took complete care of her situation and made sure that we set up the correct combinations at the correct time to solve her problem once and for all.

DOUGLAS, san antonio

Doug and his wife retired and moved to a beautiful ranch that had some of the hardest water we have seen, our Big Power Water Softening system has brought them the softest water possible and now they can enjoy their retirement with no worries! 

john,lubbock texas

John had a system before us that gave out due to lack of service and maintenance, we replaced it with a brand new Sulfur Defender and is back on track with great water! 

maria, hutchins texas

Maria had rotten egg smells and stains throughout their house, our dual setup with a Softener + Sulfur Defender is the perfect combination for their type of water.  

bryan, lake CHARLES louisana  

Bryan just buit a brand new house and drill a well we took are of him with our Iron Defender combined with out whole home purifacation system so you could completly enjoy his new home.